Our Organisation


Half a century of workmanship

For more than half a century P. van Harten & Zn have been in the business of supplying high quality beef. During these years a great deal has happened. Major developments due to the growth in social prosperity, the introduction of new techniques and more recently, our moving into a partly renovated, new property which has been equipped with state-of-the-art production technology. From this location we send daily supplies to our European customers of fresh and frozen beef. The clientele mainly consists of supermarkets and wholesale companies.
Martijn Schuurs, who is in charge of sales, is also the company’s managing director and proprietor. During all these years one factor has remained consistent. P. van Harten & Zn is still a family business with employees who are proud of their skills and who strive for quality.  The origin, processing and freshness of our meat invariably take highest priority.

Quality care

P. van Harten & Zn fully work according to the latest HACCP quality care directives. Permanently cooled work spaces, climate control and strict requirements regarding hygiene and workmanship are to guarantee a good piece of meat. Due to our traceability-system we can also guarantee the origin of our products. In addition to our fresh and cooled products, we also supply frozen meat. Our shockfreezers ensure that our frozen products are of good quality.
We can deliver all our products in the traditional way, in blister packaging or vacuum packed, all according to your specific requirements.

Logistics and timely delivery

P. van Harten & Zn have outsourced all logistics to specialized conveyors making it possible to deliver anywhere in Europe, practically on a daily basis. All the trucks we use are fully programmed and conditioned for on-the-spot delivery of your complete order – both cooled and frozen products.
It is our aim to deliver in accordance with your requirements. The base of our logistics is your personal order. A perfect delivery at the right time and the right place is what we wish to achieve! Placing an order is easy and can be done by telephone, fax or e-mail.