Production process

arrival of beef carcasses

Arrival of beef carcasses

meat production room

The modern production room

controlled cooling and storageclimate

Controlled cooling storage facility


Guaranteed quality

On arrival we check the beef carcasses for temperature, pH-value and its meat-to-fat ratio. From each carcass a leg is weighed and given a unique batch number. This number can be used, amongst others, to find out where the cow was born, fatted, slaughtered and boned. This way, if necessary, our products can always be traced.


Our employees in the production room work efficiently and meticuously. In less than 25 minutes the carcass legs are boned and squared and, if necessary, vacuum packed. During the whole process the cooling system is centrally guarded and controlled in order to guarantee that the beef meat has a consistent temperature during processing and storage.


In the packaging room products are weighed, sorted and packed. Both vacuum packaging and crates are tagged with bar codes and labels containing data necessary for traceability. This information can be supplemented with your own data and printed according to your specifications making it possible to link them directly to your company processes.