modern hygiene alley

Modern hygiene alley

logistics and storage of meat products

Controlled cooling storage facilty


Quality and hygiene have the highest priority

P. van Harten & Zn naturally act in accordance with the latest HACCP / BRC –directives on quality and hygiene. This means that (potential) dangers concerning food safety are systematically identified, evaluated and controlled. We have succeeded in meeting the highest international standard (A), set by the British Retail Consortium, as a result of which one audit is now sufficient for supplying to various customers. We have been awarded this certificate by SGS International Certification Services.

Hygiene alley

At P. van Harten & Zn all employees have to make use of the hygiene alley before entering the production areas. During work they wear overalls, aprons, sterile gloves, sleeve protectors and hairnets.


P. van Harten & Zn has outsourced the building’s cleaning, both on the inside and outside, to a specialized cleaning company.

Bacteriological research

With great regularity we have samples taken of the beef carcasses by an external laboratory. In addition to this measure, we daily take agar samples ourselves after having cleaned the surfaces of work tables, floors and machines and examine the samples in our own laboratory to analyse the hygiene of our production areas. This way we can guarantee our customers perfect and tasty meat.


P van Harten certificaat


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