At P. van Harten & Zn we mainly process female cattle which we buy from regular partners enabling us to guarantee consistent quality. By far the major part of our sales concerns the finer varieties of hind meat like sirloin, ribeye and tenderloin, but we also supply other beef products. During the processing of the meat we can meet any requirements you may have regarding marbling, fat covering and colour.  We can deliver your order on pallets, cooled or frozen, packed and labelled according to your specifications.

Hind quarter beef

h.q. shin striploin
heel muscle rib-eye
silverside topside
eye of round d-cut rump
rumptail knuckle
flanksteak rump cap
bavette d’aloyau marrow bone
tenderloin oxtail
100% lean beef

Forequarter beef

l.m.c. beef trim 90/10
chuck beef trim 80/20
chuck tender beef trim 70/30
blade membrane trim
rundvlees Beefproducts rundvlees koe rundvlees vleesproducten vlees vleesbedrijf vlees en peper